Olympians and LASIK

Exceptional athletes, like Olympic competitors, need to have strong vision. Good vision equals good performance. Contacts and glasses can impede an athlete’s ability and prevent them from performing at their best. Just imagine being a speed skater, for example, and having to wear contacts while the icy wind blows in your eyes at 30+ mph. […]

Separating the Myths from LASIK Facts

Many myths about LASIK eye surgery have surfaced over the last 20 years. But as LASIK becomes more commonplace, those myths are finally being put to rest. Some of the more prevailing myths are debunked below. To learn more facts about LASIK and other laser eye surgeries, CLICK HERE or schedule a free LASIK consultation with our staff. MYTH 1: Everyone is a candidate for LASIK. FACT: Some patients […]

Tired of Wearing Glasses?

Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock…..without your glasses.  Or, to drive a car, go swimming, or even watch a movie without glasses or contact lenses.  Dependence on glasses or contacts plays a part in shaping our lives, our memories, and even our self-confidence.  Laser Vision Correction […]