Facts on Blue Light

Blue Light Exposure

Did you know that the blue light emitted from your devices can contribute to digital eye strain? Learn the potential impact on vision.

5 Tips for Dry Winter Eyes – Keep Them Moist

  It’s that time of year: leaves are falling off the trees, daylight quickly turns to darkness, a cold winter chill hangs in the air and you find yourself suffering from dry, itchy eyes. While it’s important to keep your eyes moist during the winter months, protecting your eyes from dryness and exposure to the […]

Winter Woes: Cold Weather Habits That Lead To Dry Eyes

It is no secret that the cold, winter season has a habit of transforming the world outside and making us switch up our daily routines to prepare for the necessary changes that the winter months bring. For instance, in some parts of the country, the snow and ice of winter can lead to a large […]

Don’t Confuse Dry Eye Syndrome With Allergies

Your eyes are itchy, burning, and bothersome. You assume that your allergies are kicking up, so you use antihistamine eye drops. But instead of getting better, your eye symptoms only get worse. What’s going on? It’s possible that what you thought were allergies is actually dry eye syndrome. Dry eye sufferers don’t produce tears in sufficient […]