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If you notice a red spot on your eye, it can be disconcerting or even alarming. Fortunately, most of the things that can cause redness on your eyes are harmless. Even those causes that are worth a doctor’s appointment are not usually emergencies. Generally, a red spot on your eye is caused by a broken blood vessel. This is similar to a bruise on your skin, but it looks more shocking because the surface of your eye is transparent. You probably won’t experience any pain or light sensitivity, but it may be worth seeing a doctor of you don’t know why it happened, because there are several possible causes.

If your eye spot is not troublesome, you may be able to treat it at home with eye drops and a cold compress. There are some cases, however, when it’s important to see your eye doctor. Seek professional help if the spot lasts for two weeks, your vision changes, you have eye discharge, your eye is swollen or hurts, or there seems to be something in your eye. If you have an unusual headache, you have diabetes or another medical condition that can affect the eyes, or red spots are appearing frequently, these are also reasons to seek eye care.

When you need eye care, trust the team at Northwest Eye Center, PC. We have the best ophthalmologists in the country, with well-trained, highly professional staff of certified ophthalmic technicians, certified opticians, LASIK consultants, and insurance and finance specialists. We pride ourselves on offering the best in customer service, personalized attention, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional, compassionate patient care. Visit our website to make an appointment or contact us or call 303-720-7247 today!

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