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Margi is 17 years old. She’s not attended school since the age of 6. Her blindness kept her from friendships and experiences that most her age enjoyed. Margi came with her mother to the VHI vision screening clinic on Monday, perhaps holding out some faint hope there might be something that someone could do to help her see again.

When examined Margi literally could not see the nose on her face. When fit with a set of trial lenses set with the appropriate correction (approximately -17.00), Margi’s serious face displayed the slightest hint of a grin. When told that VHI would be able to make glasses with the same magical properties and that she could, perhaps, go back to school, her chin trembled noticeably.


The “feel-good” story of the day was made even more memorable when Diane and the eyeglass team discovered a pair of glasses that while not a perfect match for her would prove more than an adequate fill-in until her real lenses could be delivered. What made this pair of glasses so very special was the fact that they were donated by one of Dr. Melinda O’Rourke’s patients in Colorado. Several lives were touched on Monday. From Colorado to Honduras there were a lot of smiles—and trembling chins. Thanks to many, Margi will be going back to school and we can only imagine experiencing a whole new life and a brighter future.


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