Northwest Eye Center is now closed.

The phrase “better than a sharp stick in the eye,” carries some meaning for 24 year-old Jose. Ten years ago a piece of wood he was working with splintered and as bad luck would have it, found its way to Jose’s right eye. That was ten years ago. And one can only imagine what this boy encountered from his teenaged peers growing up with one eye.


Fortunately for VHI—and thanks to Dr. Richard Whitten—and for Jose, we came to Honduras equipped with a dozen or so prosthetic shells. One of which looked like it might be a good fit. And when put into place and compared with its real counterpart on left, it was difficult to tell one from the other, if hadn’t known Jose or seen the procedure. When asked, a half dozen viewers actually got it wrong.

For Jose, VHI thankfully got it right. The smile on Jose’s face bespoke of a new found confidence and a new—and hopeful—perspective on life.


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