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VHI Honduras: A New Perspective

The phrase “better than a sharp stick in the eye,” carries some meaning for 24 year-old Jose. Ten years ago a piece of wood he was working with splintered and as bad luck would have it, found its way to Jose’s right eye. That was ten years ago. And one can only imagine what this […]

VHI Honduras: Seeing the Future

Margi is 17 years old. She’s not attended school since the age of 6. Her blindness kept her from friendships and experiences that most her age enjoyed. Margi came with her mother to the VHI vision screening clinic on Monday, perhaps holding out some faint hope there might be something that someone could do to […]

VHI Honduras Day 3: Sight is Not the Only Gift

Thanks to Dr. Andrew Fisher, Executive Director of the Lavelle Fund for the Blind, VHI was introduced to the good people at the Allene Reuss Memorial Trust. And thanks to a very generous donation from the Trust, VHI was able to acquire a new AScan, Retinomax (auto-refractor), and keratometer, along with many hundreds of pairs […]

VHI Honduras Day 1

Mina, an incredibly kind person and mother who lives near La Entrada, had low expectations coming to the VHI clinic yesterday morning. To her credit, the first hours on the first day of a cataracts program can be intimidating. The amount of people moving about the clinic is disorienting for some. Yet Mina’s low expectations […]

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