Top 15 Ways to Treat Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eyes can cause burning, itching, and other unpleasant sensations. There are many things that cause dry eyes, and there are many ways to treat dry eyes. Each person will have to find the right solution to their dryness. When dry eyes occur as a reaction to allergies, you can treat them with prescription eye […]

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome, also referred to as digital eye strain, describes a group of eye- and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing digital screens for extended periods. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of digital […]

On Again off Again – Buying Glasses Online vs. In-Store

The online marketplace has reduced the shopping process for millions of custom items, like shoes, clothing and décor, to a few clicks. Shopping for glasses can also be reduced to a fully at-home experience, but unlike clothes and books, glasses are engineered for a unique medical purpose. Shopping for glasses online can be convenient, but […]

Infant Vision: Birth to 24 Months of Age

Babies learn to see over a period of time, much like they learn to walk and talk. They are not born with all the visual abilities they need in life. The ability to focus their eyes, move them accurately, and use them together as a team must be learned. Also, they need to learn how […]

MADE (Mask Associated Dry Eyes)

This might be why your eyes have been so red and scratchy lately. Wearing a face mask is an important part of preventing the spread of COVID-19, but masks can come with some not-so-great side effects like maskne, foggy glasses, and general irritation around your face. Now, there’s a new side effect to have on […]