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Can Eyeglass Prescriptions Be Used for Contacts

The Differences Between Eyeglass and Contact Prescriptions

The goals of both eyeglasses and contact lenses are the same: to help you see better, relieve strain on your eyes, and to preserve your vision. The prescriptions you get for both should be interchangeable, right? Wrong. Your glass prescription and your contact lens prescription are different, and you should never send your frame-maker your prescription for your contacts when you are getting new glasses. Likewise, never submit your eyeglasses prescription when you are getting new contacts. In the following post, we will explain the difference between these two prescriptions and why it’s important to get both a contact exam and an eye exam. If you need to schedule a vision test or comprehensive eye exam in Wheat Ridge, CO, call us at Northwest Eye Center!

Eyeglass Prescriptions vs. Contact Prescriptions

The most basic differences between contact prescriptions and eyeglass prescriptions are fairly easy to decipher. Consider how each is used: eyeglasses sit away from the eyes, while contact lenses are placed directly on the eye. This means that the prescription strength will be different. Here are some more key differences between the prescriptions:

As you can see, there are key differences between contact lens prescriptions and eyeglasses prescriptions. While both lenses and glasses are used to correct refractive errors in the eyes (when your eyes aren’t able to properly bend light, resulting in blurry or unfocused eyesight), the way they are measured and prescribed are both different. It is very important to note that even if you wear both contact lenses and glasses, the prescriptions you have for them are not interchangeable.

Glasses and Contact Service at Northwest Eye Center

You should never try to convert your eyeglass prescription into a contact prescription (or vice versa) yourself. The resulting prescription could cause damage to your eyes. It’s an unnecessary risk, especially when the team here at Northwest Eye Center is ready to serve you. We accept most major insurance plans and provide comprehensive eye exam service, including contact lens and glasses prescriptions. Give us a call and start seeing clearer today!

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