The Importance of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Understanding Eye Exams One of the most common misconceptions that people have about eye exams is that they are the same as vision tests, which are sometimes called visual acuity tests or a vision screening. A vision screening involves reading a Snellen chart. You have probably had a vision screening when you were updating your […]

Proper Vision Care Begins With Practical Knowledge

Practical Eye Care Advice From Professionals Here at Northwest Eye Center, we have lots of experience with eye care, laser vision correction and even cosmetic treatments. We know what needs to be done to protect your vision. Even if you have never visited our office in Wheat Ridge, CO, we still want you to know […]

Can Eyeglass Prescriptions Be Used for Contacts?

The Differences Between Eyeglass and Contact Prescriptions The goals of both eyeglasses and contact lenses are the same: to help you see better, relieve strain on your eyes, and to preserve your vision. The prescriptions you get for both should be interchangeable, right? Wrong. Your glass prescription and your contact lens prescription are different, and […]

Can You Get Glasses on the Same Day as Your Eye Exam?

To Wait or Not to Wait You have probably heard the phrase “same-day lenses” in advertisements. While it’s true that you can get your glasses the same day as your eye exam, in many cases it’s best to wait a few days. You should also note that not every optometrist will offer same-day glasses. There […]

Vision Tests Can Diagnose High Eye Pressure

What Is Eye Pressure? If you are under the age of 40, then it’s likely that you have never experienced high eye pressure, which is also known as intraocular pressure. That’s because the risk of high eye pressure increases with age. But what is high eye pressure? There are channels that are responsible for draining […]