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Northwest Eye Center is permanently closed as of April 28, 2023

We highly recommend our colleagues for your eye care needs:

Comprehensive Eyecare

For all routine and comprehensive eyecare,
please visit Arvada Vision & Eye Clinic

(303) 422- 3817

To Our Valued Patients,

We have been so honored to serve you and the Wheatridge/Arvada communities for these past eighteen years. We regret to inform you that Northwest Eye Center will be closing on April 28, 2023.

While your choice of eye care provider is up to you, we highly recommend our colleagues at Arvada Vision & Eye Clinic for routine vision care, and Denver Eye Surgeons for any surgical/medical eyecare needs. We have worked hand in hand with these providers over the last 18 months, and we have confidence that their care will meet the standards you’ve grown to expect.

If you have an urgent eye problem after April 28, 2023, but before you’ve established care with your new provider, please call (303) 422-3817. We will be happy to triage your issue and schedule you accordingly.

The transition of care will be seamless as your medical records will be accessible at both locations. If at any time you want to access your medical records, or transfer them to another office, please visit the link below.

Thank you for trusting us with your eyecare needs – It has been our privilege to serve you.

Request Your Medical Records through Arvada Vision & Eye Clinic

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